Our extensive panel includes the most advanced tests and various services regarding women’s health. State of the art equipment is available to cater to all the needs of women's health.

Preventive Medicine

Our systematic approach allows us to provide preventive medicine, to effectively manage patients and individuals to take the appropriate steps towards improved health.

Toxicology Lab

We deal with identifying chemical drugs or toxins that affect patients, helping in predicting future toxins affects in the body, providing different diagnoses.

Microbiology Lab

We perform tests for the detection of a wide range of human pathogens, including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and mycobacterium.

The Bruker MALDI Biotyper CA System identifies microorganisms using MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time of Flight) Mass Spectrometry to determine the unique molecular fingerprint of an organism. The characteristic spectrum pattern of this molecular fingerprint is used to reliably and accurately identify a particular microorganism by matching it against the FDA-cleared library.

Accuracy comparable to Nucleic Acid Sequencing

Much faster than traditional methods

Cost effective

Robust and easy to use

A true benchtop system

Expanded Claim adding 170 species

The MALDI Biotyper CA System received in March a second, expanded claim adding 170 species and species groups, representing 180 clinically-relevant species of aerobic Gram positive, fastidious Gram negatives, Enterobacteriaceae, anaerobic bacteria and yeasts. In addition, customers will have additional specimen preparation options to further optimize workflows.
As a result of the latest 510(k) clearance, the MALDI Biotyper CA System can now in total identify 210 species or species groups, covering 280 clinically relevant bacteria and yeast species, and representing more than 98% of the typical bacterial identification workflow of K&S Clinical Diagnostics Microbiology Lab.