Our extensive panel includes the most advanced tests and various services regarding women’s health. State of the art equipment is available to cater to all the needs of women's health.

Preventive Medicine

Our systematic approach allows us to provide preventive medicine, to effectively manage patients and individuals to take the appropriate steps towards improved health.

Toxicology Lab

We deal with identifying chemical drugs or toxins that affect patients, helping in predicting future toxins affects in the body, providing different diagnoses.

Microbiology Lab

We perform tests for the detection of a wide range of human pathogens, including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and mycobacterium.

K&S Clinical Diagnostics provides you with quality results for all of your clinical laboratory testing needs. Our lab employs full-time chemists who are trained professionals to oversee the quality process, verifying that the results we deliver are accurate and precise – every time.
We offer you a wide menu of clinical laboratory tests designed to help you provide effective patient care – from diagnosis to drug therapy to compliance. K&S can also provide you with custom-designed services to meet your needs.
K&S utilizes the most sophisticated, sensitive and specific equipment and technology available to confirm and quantitate drugs of abuse in urine. Our methodologies provide highly accurate results providing unsurpassed customer service at the same time.
Our objective is to help clients detect and prevent drug abuse. When you order urine tests through us, you can trust that our results are reliable, affordable and convenient.
Our team of professional and licensed Medical Technologists perform confirmation analysis with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. After initial screening for presumptive positives, we perform a quantitative analysis using LC/MS TOF technology
We have selected the TOF LCMS technology at K&S because of the accurate mass measurement, high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. Moreover we have selected the AxION 2 TOF from Perkin Elmer because of the following unique characteristics and patented technology over Quadrupole LC MS.
By offering unsurpassed sample insight, the AxION 2 TOF (Time-of-Flight) Mass Spectrometer is the ultimate system for identifying and quantifying compounds to better characterize samples. No matter what your application or matrix, the instrument delivers the speed, sensitivity, exact mass information, wide dynamic range and mass accuracy you need for complete confidence in your results. Powerful 3-D quantitation and full post-processing capabilities on all masses let you minimize false positives and negatives for enhanced productivity.