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Our extensive panel includes the most advanced tests and various services regarding women’s health. State of the art equipment is available to cater to all the needs of women's health.

Preventive Medicine

Our systematic approach allows us to provide preventive medicine, to effectively manage patients and individuals to take the appropriate steps towards improved health.

Toxicology Lab

We deal with identifying chemical drugs or toxins that affect patients, helping in predicting future toxins affects in the body, providing different diagnoses.

Microbiology Lab

We perform tests for the detection of a wide range of human pathogens, including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and mycobacterium.

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'K & S' stands for "Kindness & Service"

K & S Clinical Diagnostics is a full-service clinical laboratory located in Atlanta, Georgia. K & S Clinical Diagnostics was created with the vision that we could provide to our clients exactly what they need based on our own real-life experience. We are a privately owned and operated laboratory which enables us to give much more personalized services to our clients. Each day, we support thousands of patients, healthcare professional and corporate clients with laboratories and prompt reporting of results. We are fully licensed and accredited in the state of Georgia including CLIA, CAP and Medicare/Medicaid. We offer a faster, free, more accurate way to order tests, with the K&S Clinical Diagnostics E-Requisition Network; slow, fuzzy faxes are replaces with free, fast, accurate online order entries. Built –in patient –matching, insurance –checking and eligibility verification minimize the mistakes. Most reports are delivered within 12 hours and every client has 24/7 access to their patient reports through our secure network. K & S Clinical Diagnostics knows firsthand that most laboratories overlook the key ingredient to a successful lab/client relationship: CUSTOMER SERVICE. At every step in the testing process, from collection to reporting, our goal is to deliver caring, compassionate, quality service that contributes to enhanced patient care. Customer service is first and foremost. We continuously strive to ensure that our clientele are completely satisfied with our service.

K&S clinical Diagnostics offers the most thoughtful, sympathetic services. Whenever we have visited the lab, we were given perfect treatment

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K&S clinical Diagnostics has always been helpful and available whenever we have had any problems. We are happy

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